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"Philosophy is technology for your mind."
-Eric Preiss


Who Do I Want To Be?

For me it is about value.  When people think of my name I would like them to think about their interactions with me.  That the time they spent with me provided value to them throughout our relationship.

What Motivates Me?

My daughter.  Having a child, for me, has resulted in the extension of time.  It requires of you to look further into the future, to a lifetime beyond yourself.  And that time is a continuum, a relay race we run, handing the baton to the next generation. Here is what I know about all this stuff we call the universe.  I’m telling you what I know, what I’ve learned, how I learned it, and what I did about it. Now you know. Now you know how to learn for yourself, from the individuals before you who shared the knowledge they have gained. The steps on the conceptual ladder before you, with the tools necessary to correct the errors, and the confidence to know you can figure it out whatever it is.  Not because I told you, because you understand for yourself. 

Why Philosophy?

I began explicitly studying philosophy in 2020. As many of us started focusing on the bigger questions and our futures, I realized how big a role philosophy has in our lives. It is the love of wisdom, the science that integrates all our knowledge and experiences into an understanding of how to live.  Philosophy has been misconstrued as something not practical and not to put into practice in the real world.  That is false.  Philosophy is for everyone.  Your philosophy is your operating system; the instruction manual to control the hardware that is you.  With a proper integrated philosophy, you have the guiding principles for a joyful existence.  Studying philosophy, practical philosophy, has been a significant benefit to my life.

Why Now Consulting and Public Speaking?

My career has been a diverse set of progressive experiences in accounting, finance, marketing, communications and public relations. I have worked in multiple executive and director roles in casino gaming and hospitality, film/television entertainment and education. I choose accounting early in my career due to the substantive nature of the work, having a personality that needed things that balance, amounts that equal.  Accounting in the beginning is very measurable, things balance, it's structured with rules. This appealed to my personality at the time, I liked the logic of it. I gained more experience over my career and worked in so many different industries.  The diversity of the people whom I interacted with has been fascinating.  As a result, I began looking for the common factors, the essentials within these diverse industries filled with particular individuals.

The search led me to philosophy.  Philosophy is the integrator of all our knowledge. Your philosophy is your operating system for reality. It's your instruction manual for your human animal. 

Now, I want to share what I've learned to benefit others who are looking for the answers for themselves.

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